In 2022, an E. coli outbreak associated with Wendy’s restaurants sickened 109 people in six states. Roughly half of these were hospitalized and 13 went on to develop kidney failure.
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Via QSR Magazine image: Chef cleaning after preparing food How Restaurants Can Develop a Proper Food Safety Program

In 2022, an E. coli outbreak associated with Wendy’s restaurants sickened 109 people in six states. Roughly half of these were hospitalized and 13 went on to develop kidney failure.

Earlier this year, an outbreak at a fast-food sushi restaurant in Montana led to the deaths of at least two people.

Foodborne illness is a real concern in the quick-service restaurant industry. Just because the food isn’t prepared from scratch doesn’t mean the risks aren’t real, and restaurant owners and operators must take steps to protect their restaurants from what can quickly become a public relations nightmare.

A formal food safety program not only protects diners from becoming ill, but it also protects the restaurant from reputational harm and even potential financial crisis. Taking the time to raise awareness around foodborne illness and establishing a formal program helps restaurant owners and operators manage the risks and protect their businesses. 

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Ask the Restaurant Legal Professionals: Can You Improve Employee Relations?

June 16, 2023 via QSR Magazine

Many restaurant workers see union membership as a way to obtain better working conditions and wages. But restaurants can achieve similar results without the presence of a third party by maintaining a culture of positive employee relations.

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Through the Haze: Navigating Restaurant Operations Amid Wildfire Smoke

June 2, 2023 via FSR Magazine

Most recently, Canadian wildfires have created unhealthy air quality in the Midwest and along the east coast, causing many people to stay indoors. Weather incidents, like wildfire smoke, can create unsafe conditions for your guests and staff, interrupt your suppliers, and potentially do damage to your storefront. 

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Bill is Introduced to Bring Down Restaurants' Swipe Fees

June 7, 2023 via Restaurant Business

Restaurants would be able to shop for lower credit-card processing fees under a bipartisan bill that was introduced in both chambers of the U.S. Congress.

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Restaurants Under Attack from Cybercriminals: How to Protect Your Business

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While many restaurant owners may not think they need to worry about cyber attacks, the reality is that no business is immune. That's why it's essential for restaurants to consider cyber liability insurance.

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