Now that most states, the CDC, and OSHA have (or may soon) lift mask mandates for vaccinated workers, what is an employer to do about revealing an employee’s vaccination status?
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June 2021's Converge Newsletter
Unmasking the Challenges: 7 Options for Managing a Partially Vaccinated Workforce
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June 29, 2021 via Lodging Magazine
Now that most states, the CDC, and OSHA have (or may soon) lift mask mandates for vaccinated workers, what is an employer to do about revealing an employee’s vaccination status? Under any relaxed masking guidance applicable to those who are fully vaccinated, customers, visitors, and co-workers are likely to draw their own conclusions about the vaccination status of everyone else in the workplace based upon whether or not they are wearing a mask. This Insight addresses some of the legal and practical considerations for employers dealing with a partially vaccinated workforce and provides seven options for you to consider as you navigate this rapidly evolving area.       
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Best Practices for Room Attendants

June 14, 2021 via Hotel Management

In the world of hotels, room attendants typically represent the largest percentage of both accident frequency and severity when it comes to worker-related injuries... Educating the housekeeping staff about safety fundamentals when engaging in work activity is a key strategy for mitigating risk.
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Cyber Attacks Are Spiking – Is Your Hotel Prepared?

June 29, 2021 via Hospitality Net
The COVID-19 pandemic was, in many ways, the perfect storm for an influx in cyber exploitation. As fear and economic instability took the reins, cybercrime and security breaches took center stage, pushing through the cracks left exposed by a global crisis.
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When A Loss Occurs: A Guide to Navigating the Commercial Claims Process

June 10, 2021 via Total Food Service

When you have a loss there are a number of parties involved who will play a role in your claim. The first party involved is the insured, which includes any individuals charged with overseeing the reporting, reconstruction response and documentation / presentation of a claim against a commercial insurance policy.
Alissa Nann, Of Counsel with Foley & Lardner, provides an introductory course on hotel receiverships and outlines steps therein. Viewers will learn about registering for a hotel receivership, being appointed a receiver, what a receiver is in control of, action items that a receiver should take upon appointment, and what must occur in order for the receivership to be terminated.

These recordings are provided as an exclusive, complimentary service for our Converge patrons. We hope you can gain valuable information for you and your organization through this recorded session from The Virtual Hospitality Law Conference which was held May 4-5, 2021.
Foley | Foley & Lardner
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What Hotels Need to Know About Layered Insurance
June 3, 2021 via Hotel Management

As the lodging industry continues to claw its way out of the business ravages of 2020, it’s increasingly difficult and expensive to insure all the risks the industry faces. That’s a real problem when insurance is a hotel’s largest noncapital expenditure after payroll and taxes.

It partly stems from the state of the insurance market—the hardest of the last 20-plus years. Recent notably large losses (think natural disasters and active shooter judgments) has left carriers reluctant to take on more exposures. Those losses have pressured their capacity (or money available) to cover large risks. A growing number of insurers have bowed out of hospitality entirely—and many of those that remain are finding it easier to just say "no" than to renew policies, even at 50 percent increases in premiums.
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