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March 2018
Few Noticed, But Congress Just Banned Restaurants From Skimming Tips
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"In what employers are sure to hope is just a temporary—but stinging—setback, the National Labor Relations Board today vacated its December ruling that had freed employers from having to deal with an unworkable and expansive legal test for determining whether an entity was considered a joint employers. Because of allegations that one of the three-member majority was ethically compromised due to his former law firm’s involvement in a related case, the Board decided that it would pull the new legal test and instead revert to the troubling and controversial standard that had been in place since August 2015. What do employers need to know about this development?"
Hospitality Law Conference, April 12 - 13 2018
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Must vs Should: 5 Critical Food Safety Factors for Cannabis Edibles

" Food safety should be the top priority for every business throughout the edibles supply chain, even if specific state standards are still being developed."
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Is Airbnb Hurting the Dynamic New Orleans Restaurant Scene?
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Are Your Restaurants At Risk For Non-Compliance?
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