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May 2018
Airlines' Dilemma: Passengers Ignore Safety Demonstrations
flight attendant with oxygen mask
"The emergency landing of a Southwest Airlines jet this week highlighted a long-standing problem in aviation: Many travelers simply don’t pay attention during the preflight safety demonstration.

Industry experts can’t provide numbers but offer plenty of anecdotal evidence. And their stories were backed up when a passenger on Southwest’s Flight 1380 posted video and photos on social media showing other travelers with their oxygen masks over only their mouths.

The correct way to wear the mask is over both the nose and mouth. And putting the mask on wrong, experts say, could mean the difference between life and death.

To their chagrin, flight attendants have watched for years as passengers seem to find all kinds of ways to ignore the safety demonstration."
hotel front desk employees working
A One-Minute Attack Let Hackers Spoof Hotel Master Keys

"... they estimate that it nonetheless affects 140,000 hotels in more than 160 countries around the world; the researchers say that...Assa Abloy, admitted to them that the problem affects millions of locks in total."'s ConvergeBlog
facial recognition system
Homeland Security Facial Passenger Scans for U.S. May Go Nationwide
vials and syringe on a blue table top
Understanding Risk Associated with Vaccine-Preventable Diseases While Traveling
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