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Travel Risk Management: Small Steps Can Make a Big Difference
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September 9, 2019 via Business Travel News

Duty of care and travel risk management are big topics in travel management. Actually, enormous. Even as a concept, the idea of coordinating all the stakeholders that touch travel—finance, procurement, legal, HR, security, communications—around such an effort is intimidating. In a workshop at the Global Business Travel Association conference in August, WorldAware's Bruce McIndoe walked a group of about 50 attendees through the 10 essential process areas that achieve a "mature" risk management program:

• Policy and procedure
• Education and training
• Risk assessment
• Risk disclosure
• Risk mitigation
• Risk monitoring
• Response and recovery
• Notification
• Data management
• Program communication

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From Terror to Tragedy, Could Your Business Cope With a Crisis?

September 5, 2019 via Travel Mole

A crisis for a travel business might be a major terror incident, like Sousse and Sharm, or a natural disaster like the 2004 tsunami, but it could also be when a holidaymaker dies in a quad bike accident or has a heart attack in their hotel room.
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Europe Seeing Increase in Climate Change Protests

September 3, 2019 via ConvergeBlog
Most of the actions are advertised on social media, which allows travelers to be warned in time to avoid disruptions. However, with momentum on the side of climate activists, actions are likely to become larger and more disruptive in the long and medium-term.
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Another US Visa Holder Was Denied Entry Over Someone Else’s Messages
September 2, 2019 via TechCrunch

It has been one week since U.S. border officials denied entry to a 17-year-old Harvard freshman just days before classes were set to begin...Since our story broke, we came across another case of a U.S. visa holder who was denied entry to the country on grounds that he was sent a graphic WhatsApp message.
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