Hotel asset value is determined using multiple calculations, math problems, and sometimes magic tricks, but there are three critically important aspects of the physical plant that can make or break a hotel investment.
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July 2021's Converge Newsletter
A Hotel Owner’s Guide to Building Maintenance
Young female maintenance engineer testing voltage with digital multimeter
July 19, 2021 via HospitalityNet
Hotel asset value is determined using multiple calculations, math problems, and sometimes magic tricks, but there are three critically important aspects of the physical plant that can make or break a hotel investment. As an owner or asset manager, keep these three areas on your property checklist, and follow up with a hotel engineering team regularly. Ignore these at your peril!

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
One of the leading causes of guest dissatisfaction, bad reviews, and guest refunds is guest room HVAC issues, but the anatomy of a hotel’s ventilation system is far more complex than most hoteliers understand. Whether the asset utilizes a chiller system for public spaces and guest rooms, or split units and PTACs, there are multiple components involved in maintaining quality air throughout the hotel. Here’s what to look out for:'s ConvergeBlog
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Tips For Managing Risk In The Hotel Industry

July 13, 2021 via Hotel Management

With new challenges emerging nearly every day, managing risk and insurance policies for hotels has become more challenging than ever. At the same time, hoteliers have more ways to mitigate the risks and reduce the cost of policies than ever before.
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A Shot in the Arm: Navigating the Hotel Financing Market

July 9, 2021 via Hotel Business

Hoteliers rightly view the success of vaccine distribution, lower COVID numbers and promising signs of economic recovery as the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. But for many properties, their time in the sunshine may be limited unless they are able to restructure their existing deals to account for revenue losses.
series of hexagons with icons indicating people who are vaccinated, unvaccinated, or sick
Unmasking the Challenges: 7 Options for Managing a Partially Vaccinated Workforce

June 29, 2021 via ConvergeBlog

Under any relaxed masking guidance applicable to those who are fully vaccinated, customers, visitors, and co-workers are likely to draw their own conclusions about the vaccination status of everyone else in the workplace based upon whether or not they are wearing a mask.
Alissa Nann, Of Counsel with Foley & Lardner, provides an introductory course on hotel receiverships and outlines steps therein. Viewers will learn about registering for a hotel receivership, being appointed a receiver, what a receiver is in control of, action items that a receiver should take upon appointment, and what must occur in order for the receivership to be terminated.

These recordings are provided as an exclusive, complimentary service for our Converge patrons. We hope you can gain valuable information for you and your organization through this recorded session from The Virtual Hospitality Law Conference which was held May 4-5, 2021.
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figure of a man's head with the brain being connected to a heart
Is Emotionally Intelligent Leadership A Solution To Your Labor Challenges?
June 24, 2021 via eHotelier

Hospitality organizations that are authentic, objective and empathic, those that treat employees kindly and fairly, pay equitably and competitively (benchmarked against all industries, not just its competitive set) and create safe, positive environments for their employees and guests will attract high quantities of high-quality labor that will be engaged, productive and committed to the mission of the hotel or restaurant.
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