COVID-19 vaccinations passed the 200-million mark in the United States last [month], which means certain workforces might have the majority of employees fully vaccinated.
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May 2021's Converge Newsletter
Your Employees Are Vaccinated – Now What?
Needle, band-aid, and a sticker that reads "I got my covid-19 vaccine!" against a teal background
May 29, 2021 via ConvergeBlog

COVID-19 vaccinations passed the 200-million mark in the United States last [month], which means certain workforces might have the majority of employees fully vaccinated. In recent months, we’ve discussed guidance from the EEOC and California’s DFEH regarding COVID-19 vaccine mandates, vaccine incentives, tracking employee vaccinations, and even vaccine passports. However, the question remains — what measures can employers take once employees are vaccinated?

Other than input on requiring "proof" of vaccination, there is limited guidance on what employers may do or say about employees’ vaccination status. Consistent with other challenges employers have faced throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccinations in the workplace present new and unique privacy considerations. You must maintain a safe workplace while balancing the privacy interests of employees, customers, and the public. Below we tackle some of the vaccination-related questions many employers are grappling with.

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COVID-19 vaccination record card, syringe, and vials
Challenges With Hotel Staffing Contracts

May 24, 2021 via ConvergeBlog
The following video features Stephen Barth, Founder of®, and Andria Ryan, Partner of Fisher Phillips, having a discussion on hospitality staffing company contracts. Tune in to the conversation for insights on utilizing staffing agencies, staffing contracts, and the impact they can have on hotels or restaurants.
receptionist wearing a face mask and face shield while checking in a guest
What Hotels Need to Know About Updated CDC Guidance

May 19, 2021 via Hotel Management
While guests may work by the honor system, the AHLA determined hotel employees should continue to wear face coverings indoors and follow local business and workplace guidance.
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The Hotel Industry Has a Labor Problem. Here's How to Solve It.

May 12, 2021 via Hotel News Resource
If you hadn’t heard, hotels are facing a labor crisis. After major furloughs and layoffs last year due to the pandemic, properties now need to staff up to be prepared for the return of business. But they are facing a drought of workers, which some call the worst recruiting climate in the industry’s history.
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Associate Retention & Motivation In Hotels: Let’s Leave Pandemic Crisis Mode and Focus on Employee Satisfaction Again
May 12, 2021 via HVS

The pandemic’s negative effect on the hospitality industry, especially its ability to hire new associates, will be long felt even as we see signs of recovery. Many have left the industry for other opportunities considered more stable. The more leadership can recognize, motivate, and reward team members, the stronger the chances are of rebuilding and retaining staff for the long term. There are so many hidden and not-so hidden costs of high turnover that exploring all options to retain your valuable associates is more important than ever.
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