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October 2018's Converge Newsletter
Five Reasons Good Employees Leave Hotels
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October 23, 2018 via ConvergeBlog

Productive, trustworthy employees are getting hard to find and harder to keep.

Hotels invest significant amounts of money and time to recruit, hire and train employees, often using recent developments in advertising (social media), technology (online applications), and psychology (personality and behavioral assessments). So why is it that hotels—after hiring and training—still manage people like they are operating in the 1950s?

From my interactions with hotel operators and hotel employees for the past 30 years, a disconnect continues to exist between those operators and their employees; and that disconnect is primarily driven by the operators’ inability or unwillingness to recognize, comprehend and meet the basic needs of employees.'s ConvergeBlog
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personal emergency alert device
Hotel Employee Safety Devices Not One Size Fits All

October 4, 2018 via Hotel Management
...ESDs will come in a variety of forms depending on a hotel’s existing infrastructure. The possibilities for alert devices could run the gamut from noisemakers to devices based on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology.
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Head Off Revenge with Culture of Respect

October 12, 2018 via SHRM

It may take different forms, but employees do settle workplace scores by getting revenge. Payback can extend to supervisors, vendors and suppliers. And it can get ugly, like it did with the employee who threw and smashed her company-provided laptop after being told she was fired.
Cozen O'Connor
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Labor Department Will Tackle Joint Employment And Overtime Issues…But When?
October 17, 2018 via Fisher Phillips

...the U.S. Department of Labor unveiled its new regulatory agenda for Fall 2018 and announced its intention to soon tackle two of the hottest topics in the labor and employment world: joint employment and overtime pay. But employers can be forgiven if they approach this announcement with some degree of skepticism, as the USDOL has missed previous target dates—at least when it comes to the long-delayed overtime rule. What does this latest development mean for employers, and when can you expect to see some tangible results?
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