During 2020, most U.S. hotel operators limited or eliminated cleaning stayover rooms and serving complimentary breakfast and/or evening cocktail receptions to reduce contact between guests and staff.
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December 2021's Converge Newsletter
Trends in Rooms Department Costs: A Study in Fixed and Variable Expenses
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December 21, 2021 via Lodging Magazine
During 2020, most U.S. hotel operators limited or eliminated cleaning stayover rooms and serving complimentary breakfast and/or evening cocktail receptions to reduce contact between guests and staff. The major lodging brands accepted these changes to meet local health regulations and provide some expense relief to cash-strapped owners.

Coming out of the 2020 lodging industry recession, hotel owners and operators question the fate of daily housekeeping service and the return of extensive offerings of complimentary food and beverage service. Assuming health conditions improve and regulations are relaxed, will the brands reinstate these amenities and services?

Per the Uniform System of Accounts for the Lodging Industry, the costs to provide housekeeping and complimentary food and beverage service are recorded in the rooms department, which is the greatest generator of revenue and contributor to profits. According to CBRE’s annual Trends in the Hotel Industry survey of operating statements, rooms revenue represented 69.9 percent of total revenue in 2019, while the rooms department profits comprised 81.9 percent of total departmental profits. These ratios increased in 2020 as hotel restaurants, lounges, meeting rooms, and spas were shut down.'s ConvergeBlog
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Human Trafficking prevention month card
Hoteliers, Human Trafficking is a Hospitality Problem, and It’s Up to Us to Address It

December 15, 2021 via Hospitality Net

Personal freedom is assumed to be a guarantee… and yet, it isn’t. The somber but unavoidable reality is this: human trafficking is a global problem that has taken on many forms and destroyed countless lives over the years. It shows no sign of slowing down without meaningful intervention.
Seattle covered in smoke pollution from wildfires
Why Hotel Owners Should Invest in Site Pollution Insurance

December 15, 2021 via HospitalityNet

To take a proactive approach, many hotel owners recognize that, in addition to inspecting and maintaining a sound physical structure, the best way to protect themselves, guests and nearby businesses is by taking a careful look at the appropriate insurance policies for their unique risk exposures. However, there is one aspect of insurance many owners overlook that can end up being costly in the end should there be a nearby disaster...
disabled man moving from hotel bed into wheelchair
Update to New Maryland Law Requiring Bed Height Thresholds for Hotels

December 16, 2021 via Conn Maciel Carey

In October 2020, we published a blog post noting that with relatively low publicity at the time, the State of Maryland had enacted a law titled an "Act for Lodging Establishments – Accessible Rooms for Individuals with Disabilities – Bed Height," requiring hotels and other places of lodging with at least 4 guestrooms to provide beds of certain heights in accessible guestrooms for individuals with disabilities, even though providing beds of specified heights in accessible guestrooms is not a requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Conn Maciel Carey
Professional worker installing solar panels on the roof
This Eco-friendly Hotel Will Make U.S. History When It Opens in 2022
December 15, 2021 via Travel & Leisure

Hotel Marcel, a Tapestry Hotel by Hilton, will open its doors in April 2022. And when it does, it will be making eco-friendly history.

Located in the Pirelli Building in Connecticut, Hotel Marcel is set to become the nation's first Passive-House certified and first net-zero energy hotel. The hotel, designed by New York City-based Dutch East Design and architecture firm Becker Becker, will also become one in about a dozen LEED Platinum certified hotels in the United States.
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