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December 2019's Converge Newsletter
Understanding and Complying with Transgender/Gender Identity Issues for the Hospitality Workplace
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December 10, 2019 via ConvergeBlog

In a highly publicized dispute, the Supreme Court will [have heard] arguments this fall from advocates and opponents to ultimately determine whether federal law, in particular Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, protects transgender employees from discrimination based on their gender identity.(1) Along with two other cases concerning the LGBTQ community, the Supreme Court will decide whether the owner of a funeral home violated the law when he fired a former funeral home employee, who informed her employer in 2013 that she struggled with a "gender identity disorder" and announced that she was a transgender woman and that she planned to start working in women’s clothing as opposed to the company’s male dress code of a suit and tie.(2)

The Supreme Court’s eventual decision will likely impact the employment rights of approximately 1.4 million individuals who identify as transgender in the United States.3 In a recent survey, transgender individuals reported several adverse consequences in their workplace, or in attempts to gain employment, as a result of their gender identity or gender expression, including...

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