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August 2020's Converge Newsletter
4 Common COVID-19 Misunderstandings That Could Place Your Company At Legal Risk
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August 25, 2020 via ConvergeBlog
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has issued constantly changing guidance for employers that many view as complex, confusing, and impractical. In its perplexing web of guidelines, the CDC recommends that your company take several actions to protect workers from contracting COVID-19, like self-isolating sick employees, quarantining exposed employees, screening employees for symptoms prior to work, and installing partitions to protect public-facing employees.

Given their complexity, some of these directives are often not fully understood by companies. Further complicating matters, many of the recommendations have never been previously undertaken by employers, leading to misapplication. Worst of all, other guidelines are simply not feasible for some employers, leaving them with the tough decision of not following the CDC directive in order to stay in business.

Unfortunately, ignoring or misunderstanding these confusing guidelines, like the four commonly misinterpreted guidance listed below, could lead to legal risks for your company.
Fisher Phillips
HL ConvergeBlog
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Lizard-Proof Your Witness

August 22, 2020 via ConvergeBlog

Reptile is not an appeal to the law. It is an appeal to human emotion, and an attempt to "play" the witness. Your witnesses have dealt with this kind of tactic before in their normal life, and they don’t like it.
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Marriott Faces London Lawsuit Over Vast Data Breach

August 19, 2020 via Reuters

Marriott International, a leading hotel operator, is facing a London class action brought by millions of former guests demanding compensation after their personal records were hacked in one of the largest data breaches in history.
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How Should Your Business Handle Anti-Mask Guests? A 5-Step Action Plan
August 5, 2020 via ConvergeBlog

As an increasing number of businesses begin to require face coverings in their facilities – whether as a result of a local legal mandate or in the interest of public safety – there has been a corresponding increase in the number of well-publicized reports of customers and guests reacting in a belligerent, hostile, or even violent manner after being asked to comply with mask rules. What should your business do to minimize the chances of such an incident occurring in your workplace, and what should you do if an anti-mask guest disrupts your business? Here is a five-step plan to address this unfortunate part of our new reality.
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