Air passengers in the US have been removing their Covid-19 face coverings after a federal judge ruled that the government's mask mandate on commercial planes was unlawful.
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Via CNN | image: miniature airplane rests on a medical face masks on blue surface

Air passengers in the US have been removing their Covid-19 face coverings after a federal judge ruled that the government's mask mandate on commercial planes was unlawful.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had previously insisted mask rules remain in place until May 3, but the judge in Florida struck down that directive on Monday.

On Wednesday, the CDC announced it had asked the Department of Justice to appeal the ruling, saying in a statement that the measure is "well within CDC's legal authority" and "remains necessary for the public health."

Airlines have already begun relaxing mask requirements but not without some initial confusion. Questions are swirling.

So what are the new rules? Do they apply to international travel? Will an appeal reinstate the order? How safe is flying maskless? Here are the answers to some of the key questions.'s ConvergeBlog
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