The world is less peaceful and more prone to disruption today than it was three years ago.
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Via Global Guardian | Image: World map point and line composition concept of global business | Executive Summary: 2022 Global Safety & Security Study

The world is less peaceful and more prone to disruption today than it was three years ago. Corporate enterprise leaders are increasingly concerned about the growing volume of real-time domestic and international threats putting their operations, assets, and employees at risk. As companies resume normal operations and travel increases in the wake of a receding COVID-19 pandemic, additional threat vectors—including a surge in violent crime, increase in ransomware, and growing intensity of natural disasters—are emerging in the cyber and physical security domains. The urgent need to re-evaluate internal strategies, contingency plans, and current protections is growing among the country’s largest corporations.

Around the world, geopolitical events and regional conflicts continue to cause major disruptions for companies and organizations with a global presence. These events involving global powers not only highlight kinetic warfare as a threat vector but also the residual effects of conflict. The war in Ukraine is already causing major disruptions to agricultural production and Trans-Atlantic supply chains; a conflict in Taiwan would create similar disruptions - likely to an even greater degree - by threatening the lives of thousands of U.S. employees based in the Indo- Pacific and the hundreds of billions of dollars in trade and investment that flows through the region each year.

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Forms of Insurance and Risk Management - Conceptual Illustration
Travel Risk Management Evolution of Technology and Skillsets

October 1, 2022 via ITIJ

With a new awareness of travel risks facing globally mobile workers, travel risk management companies are offering new tools to mitigate the perils faced around the world.
Phone lock to protect from cyber scam, online data fraud or identity theft. Laptop with hacker virus code in screen.
Business Travellers Not Taking Steps to Reduce Exposure to Cyber Security Threats

October 24, 2022 via Facilities Management Journal
New research has found that whilst over four-fifths, (86 per cent) of business travellers say their organisation asks them to take cyber security measures during work travel, fewer than a quarter (24 per cent) have anti-virus software on their devices.
Miniature airplane next to a passport, flight tickets, and a face mask
What Covid-19 Precautions Should People Take for International Travel?

August 16, 2022 via Business Traveler USA

The key question is to ask if whether you are up to date on the Covid-19 vaccine, meaning that you have received the new bivalent booster. If so, you are very well-protected from severe illness due to Covid-19.
Via Travel and Tour World | image: businessman with suitcase and red umbrella walking through a doorway, casting the shadow of an airplane behind him | Importance of Travel Risk Management
Travel Risk Management is one of the most important things to consider for both professionals and tourists. With the history of pandemics now in everyone’s record of experience, the urgency of health hampering can be understood easily. It is clearly established that an entire population losing health would most definitely contribute to business losses. Travel Risk Management is slowly gaining importance across businesses from several sectors.
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