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September 2019's Converge Newsletter
DOL Issues New Overtime Pay Rules
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September 24, 2019 via Restaurant Business

Restaurants may see an upswing in labor costs on Jan. 1 under new rules from the U.S. Department of Labor for determining when salaried employees are entitled to overtime pay.

Under the regulations issued this morning, restaurant managers, assistant managers, executive chefs, headquarters support personnel and other managerial staff members will qualify for time-and-a-half pay if their annual salary does not exceed $35,568, compared with the current threshold of $23,660.

So-called "highly compensated employees," a term coined to describe white-collar professionals such as lawyers and doctors, will qualify for time-and-a-half pay if their annual salaries fall below $107,432, a rise from the current level of $100,000.'s ConvergeBlog
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Don’t Get Burned When Hiring Minors

September 2019 via QSR Magazine
Minors (individuals below the age of 18) are a vital and key asset to any quick-service restaurant. However, an employer can quickly get burned with stiff penalties if it does not follow a handful of additional state and federal rules that govern the employment of minors with respect to work permits, wages, hours of work, and various work restrictions.
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Restaurant Workers Bite Back Against Food Delivery Apps

September 20, 2019 via OZY

Across the world’s biggest markets, food delivery apps that have disrupted the restaurant industry now face an unexpected threat, as workers and eateries fight back against what they allege are predatory practices.
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Baltimore Crab Restaurant Changes Dress Code After Being Accused of Blatant Discrimination
September 18, 2019 via Vice

"Strictly Prohibited," The Choptank wrote in the kind of red stylized font you'd expect to see on the door of a 12-year-old's treehouse. It then listed a dozen rules and punctuated them with a disclaimer that a number of people interpreted as being discriminatory at best, flat-out racist at worst.

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