Running a restaurant is an adventure, even in the best of times. As anyone in the restaurant and foodservice industry can attest, 2020 was far from the best of times.
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February 2021's Converge Newsletter
Employee Retention Tax Credit: The No. 1 Relief Option Restaurants are Missing
notebook with tax credit on table next to highlighter, calculator, and cash bills
February 23, 2021 via QSR Magazine

Running a restaurant is an adventure, even in the best of times.

As anyone in the restaurant and foodservice industry can attest, 2020 was far from the best of times. The near-immediate onslaught of COVID-19 forced restaurants of all kinds into a crisis, shifting major aspects of business operations from physical layouts to menus to staff size.

Restaurants were among the largest users of PPP loans when the CARES Act was passed last spring as more than three million industry jobs were lost in the first three weeks of March. While that was a necessary lifeline, the assumption was that the other relief program included in the CARES Act—the Employee Retention Tax Credit—would be unavailable as the two were thought to be mutually exclusive.

That all changed just as the calendar flipped to 2021.'s ConvergeBlog
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Alarm clock and colour papers that say 'tax time' on the white background
Tax Planning for a Pandemic

February 18, 2020 via Nation's Restaurant News
In general, when a restaurant purchases equipment, furniture, or appliances, or makes improvements to leased or owned real property, it is allowed to deduct the cost of those assets over their Internal Revenue Service-assigned useful lives.
series of vials labeled as COVID-19 vaccine
COVID-19 Vaccines in the Workplace: Considerations for Hospitality Employers

February 17, 2021 via Total Food Service
Successful vaccination programs combine marketing with education to reduce fears and misconceptions. As the vaccines become more accessible, employers have a responsibility to address employee concerns.
sexual harassment complaint form on clipboard
Why Restaurants Need a Sexual Harassment Policy

February 1, 2021 via Modern Restaurant Management

Whether a recent change in your state’s law has made sexual harassment training mandatory or you’re simply trying to create a safer, more comfortable workspace, having a sexual harassment policy is important.
man working in a coffee shop wearing a mask in background; covid-19 safety guidelines in
Feds Issue New Anti-COVID Workplace Guidelines as Vaccinations Begin for Restaurant Workers
February 3, 2021 via Restaurant Business

As vaccination centers start booking restaurant workers for a first round of anti-COVID shots, federal regulators are tweaking their recommendations for keeping employees and customers safe from coronavirus at public workplaces.

The new leadership of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, has recommended stronger safety protocols for limiting the spread of COVID at restaurants and other job sites. The updated guidelines build on what’s been a mantra for restaurants and other employers since the pandemic started: Encourage mask use, urge employees to stay far apart, and vigorously sanitize the physical setting, especially if a worker or customer tested positive for COVID.

But several stronger measures were added to the checklist of best practices.
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