...a panel of industry insiders examined the ongoing labor challenges facing hoteliers and discussed how employers can leverage policy to their benefit.
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Via Hotel Management image: brown and gold judge's gavel resting on a paper titled Labor Law CLIC Panel Considers Labor Laws, Best Practices

During the recent California Lodging Investment Conference, held at The Westin South Coast Plaza, a panel of industry insiders examined the ongoing labor challenges facing hoteliers and discussed how employers can leverage policy to their benefit.

The labor problem, moderator Steve Van, president of Prism Hotels & Resorts, said, will not be solved with financial engineering: “It's going to require a shift, as you'll hear from our panelists today, in emotional intelligence.”

Geoff Graf, VP of business development at Hogan Hospitality Group, said his company has become a little bit more lenient when it comes to employees needing flexibility in scheduling—or in other issues. Actions that might have been met with termination in the past are now more forgivable, he said. "We're more likely to counsel that you work with that employee to get through it.” 

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Close up of California building snowed in near the top with icicles hanging off roof after unprecedented snowstorm

Freak Weather Highlights Risk Surrounding California Development Decisions

March 9, 2023 via CoStar
It's not just California. Regions around the country have been experiencing more frequent severe storms and have been grappling with similar development issues.

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Air Quality Moves To The Top Of Hotel Operators’ Agendas

March 2, 2023 via Hotelier Magazine
Improving air quality was top of mind for hoteliers during the pandemic, with air-purification and air-filtration systems becoming must-have pieces of equipment. But the issue of air quality has been a long-standing one.

American Dollar Under Paper Cut Out Bar Graph

From A to Z, the Cost of Hospitality Only Goes Up

February 28,, 2023 via Hotel Business
Unfortunately, once prices go up, they rarely return to where they started. Costs are rising across the industry, and with debt servicing still getting more expensive, many hoteliers are feeling the squeeze that comes with high borrowing costs.

Via Hotel Management image: hotel under construction How to Cure a 'Sick' Hotel Development Project

The problems that mire the development industry, from labor shortages and supply chain issues to uncoordinated teams and inadequate project sequencing, are only compounded in the hospitality space, where high-end and customized assets unique to a particular hotel or resort increase the potential for mistakes. Delays are not only more likely and costly given the complexity of hospitality projects overall, they can also be detrimental to a hospitality brand’s carefully crafted image.


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