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12 Tips to Lessen the Chances of Getting Sick While Riding Trains, Subways, and Buses in the Age of Coronavirus, According to Experts
morning subway commute
March 3, 2020 via Business Insider

Several public transportation agencies across the country are now taking steps to mitigate the spread of the novel coronavirus and subdue public fears of catching it.

For example, New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority announced that its trains, cars, and buses will be sanitized every 72 hours, and frequently touched surfaces in stations will be disinfected daily. San Francisco's Bay Area Rapid Transit system will also be undergoing a similar procedure by disinfecting commonly used surfaces in its stations and wiping down handrails and stanchions at multiple stops.

There are currently two reported cases of coronavirus in New York, and San Francisco's mayor has already declared a state of emergency due to the spread of COVID-19.'s ConvergeBlog
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Interior of airplane with passengers on seats
Wondering How Planes and Ships Are Being Disinfected to Fight Coronavirus? Here’s How

March 2, 2020 via LA Times
Planes and ships are being cleaned more frequently and more thoroughly, using chemicals more commonly found in food-processing or healthcare settings, and travel companies are issuing frequent updates on their efforts.
businessman entering ride-sharing car
Uber Introduces New Feature to Let Riders ‘Discreetly’ Snitch on their Drivers
February 19, 2020 via The Verge

As multiple studies have shown, women have different patterns, needs and behaviours. Female mobility is characterized by trip-chaining and time poverty. The main reasons for this are that women do 75% of the world’s unpaid care work, the gender pay gap, and women’s physical condition. Women have a smaller range when traveling the same amount of time. Women carry luggage and accompany people, more often on public transport and by foot. The car is less often the default solution.
Business Traveler - March 2020
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