As the COVID-19 pandemic (mercifully) starts to retreat, many states have begun rolling back face-covering mandates, which often relieve employers of the obligation to require masks for employees and visitors in the workplace.
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June 2021's Converge Newsletter
Your State No Longer Requires Face Coverings in the Workplace – But Should You Continue To Mandate Them?
Different types of face masks against blue-green background
June 3, 2021 via ConvergeBlog

As the COVID-19 pandemic (mercifully) starts to retreat, many states have begun rolling back face-covering mandates, which often relieve employers of the obligation to require masks for employees and visitors in the workplace. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still recommends their use in most workplaces, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) likewise still encourages employees to wear masks. Because of this dynamic, you should think twice before eliminating any workplace rule that requires mask-wearing as you could run the risk of a federal workplace safety citation. What should you consider when determining whether to adjust your own workplace policies in light of these potentially confusing and conflicting developments?

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hotel maid wearing a face mask as she makes a bed
Best Practices For Room Attendants

June 14, 2021 via Hotel Management
It is fair to expect that housekeeping staff members will be more prone to injuries if they have not been working, making it essential that hotels give extra consideration to keeping these workers safe during this transitional time.
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Ideas With Impact: What Can Hospitality Organizations Do To Support Employees And Frontline Staff?

June 14, 2021 via Hospitality Net
Medallia, in collaboration with the School of Hotel Administration’s Center for Hospitality Research, launched an online hospitality community to crowdsource ideas with impact....the community...came up with 24 original ideas to the three challenges that were posed. In this series of articles, we’ll cover each challenge, along with the top-voted ideas and insights for each one.
A blank COVID-19 vaccination record card rests on top of a protective face mask
Vaccine Tracking Your Employees – It’s Past Time

June 7, 2021 via Foley Lardner
With about half of the U.S. working age, vaccine-eligible population now vaccinated, employers want to know which of their employees got the shot. Many employers are under the impression that mandatory vaccine reporting and tracking is only possible when the employer mandates vaccination. Not true.
Foley Gardere | Foley Lardner LLP
Fisher Phillips Partner, Andria Ryan, and Associate, Nicholas Hulse, discuss these risks, OSHA standards, how to be prepared for vaccine policy issues, legal issues, and more in this presentation recording from The Virtual Hospitality Law Conference held May 4-5, 2021. With the number of COVID-19 vaccinations trending up and positivity rates trending down in some states, there is reason for optimism. However, even with this increased optimism, employers can ill afford to coast through the rest of the pandemic when it comes to workplace safety measures – taking your foot off the gas could lead to dangerous working conditions and unwanted litigation.

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Book with title HR policies and procedures on a tabl
Changes To HR Policies Needed In A Post-COVID-19 Era
June 4, 2021 via Hotelier Magazine

With glimpses of hope that a post-pandemic era is near, HR leaders should resist simply returning to the familiar ways of the past. There is an opportunity to invent a new normal, laser-focused on re-designing an employee experience that is more purposeful, connected and enabled than before.
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