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June 2019's Converge Newsletter
Advertising Fraud Case Raises Questions For Hotel Industry
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June 5, 2019 via Hotel Management

The scale of wrongdoing detailed in the [Association of National Advertisers] report is massive. Businesses spend well over $630 billion on advertising and media purchases annually, and by 2021 that number is expected to approach $750 billion. The hotel industry’s media spend is a substantial portion of that overall number, with advertising spending for 2019 projected at $769 million. Notably, an ever-larger share of this spend is going to digital advertising. ("The Smart Hotelier’s Guide to 2017 Digital Marketing Budget Planning" suggests that 75 percent of a hotel’s marketing budget should be set aside for digital marketing.)

While some strides have been made in addressing issues of fraud (such as bot traffic) in digital advertising, hotel industry ad buyers still lack fully reliable data on what, exactly, they’re getting for their money and who profits from these arrangements.'s ConvergeBlog
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Best Practices In Alcohol Beverage Trade Practices

June 11, 2019 via ConvergeBlog
Even if they don’t hold the retail liquor license themselves, hotel management companies cannot violate beverage law without subjecting themselves to great risk. The TTB is increasingly scrutinizing payments by alcohol brands to unlicensed third parties, where the benefits are clearly passed through to the retail licensee.
Gray Robinson
No One Likes Surprises – Corporate Counsel Lessons Learned by Clients

June 8, 2019 via ConvergeBlog

In our everyday lives, we invest in our health and the proper repair and maintenance of our homes and cars because we know that the consequence of failing to do so will be far worse in the long run. It begs the question, therefore, why business owners do not always operate their companies the same way.
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The Consumer Is Changing, But Perhaps Not How You Think
May 29, 2019 via Deloitte

Contrary to conventional wisdom, there's been no fundamental rewiring of the consumer. The modern consumer is a construct of growing economic pressure and increasing competitive options.
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