With new challenges emerging nearly every day, managing risk and insurance policies for hotels has become more challenging than ever.
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July 2021's Converge Newsletter
Tips For Managing Risk In The Hotel Industry
Taking one block from wooden blocks tower that reads RISK
July 13, 2021 via Hotel Management
With new challenges emerging nearly every day, managing risk and insurance policies for hotels has become more challenging than ever. At the same time, hoteliers have more ways to mitigate the risks and reduce the cost of policies than ever before.

"Hoteliers and management companies often do not realize just how much their experience affects their rates when it comes time to renew their policies," said Sam Logan, VP of risk management for Island Hospitality. "Insurance company underwriters will examine the frequency and severity of claims when they are considering whether to provide coverage and what the rates will be to renew." The underwriters also will consider market conditions, the relationship a company has with its carrier’s claim account manager and especially the adjusters handling the claims, he added. "The adjusters handling your claims often have a caseload of 125 claims or more. If an adjuster is looking at two claims at a given time and one is with a company that complains and harasses them and one is with a company where the contact is pleasant and understanding, you can be sure the claims will be worked differently."

When businesses implement policies and procedures that reduce risk, they can reduce policy premiums as well, Logan said. "There are many strategies that have proven effective in risk reduction, several of which involve little in the way of cost to implement and are currently hot-button issues with insurance company underwriters."'s ConvergeBlog
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stop hand sign against FRAUD
Hotel Fraud Training: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

July 27, 2021 via Hospitality Net

Recently, the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) released their Fraud Awareness Training: Benchmark Report (the Report). The Report surveyed ACFE member organizations about how they develop, implement, evaluate, and support their fraud training programs.
Hand holding 'do not disturb' tag on the door knob
How Hoteliers Can Avoid Turning Long-Term Guests Into Tenants

July 26, 2021 via Costar
Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, hoteliers have wanted guests to stay at their properties, especially guests who extend their stays. While hoteliers certainly welcome a guaranteed source of revenue when demand is down, operators do need to be aware of how and when guests become tenants and hoteliers become landlords.
Reception area of modern hotel with computers
How to Mitigate Fraud with Contactless Check-In

July 19, 2021 via Hotel Business

Contactless check-in has provided a way to both streamline hotels operations and keep guests and employees feeling safe post-pandemic. However, as the industry embraces this technology, it is also seeing an uptick in fraudulent activity.
Dr. Richard Baratta, Senior Vice President, Biomechanical Practice of Rimkus Consulting Group, discusses the biomechanical issues of slips, trips, and stumbles. He provides an examination of the phases of gait, the geometry of walking, the differences between a slip and a trip, how a gait can be disturbed and lead to a slip or trip, and more.

These recordings are provided as an exclusive, complimentary service for our Converge patrons. We hope you can gain valuable information for you and your organization through this recorded session from The Virtual Hospitality Law Conference which was held May 4-5, 2021.
Rimkus Consulting Group
Cybersecurity Digital Technology Security
Caution: Data Protection
July 12, 2021 via eHotelier

At least since the GDPR went into effect, data protection should be at the top of your agenda. However, when it comes to selecting cloud software systems, the applicable legislation is often negligently violated.
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