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Panic Buttons Becoming a Must-Have Safety Trend in Hospitality
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April 18, 2019 via Hotel News Resource

No one begins their day at work anticipating the worst case scenario – or so, we would hope. Yet for many hospitality workers, the possibility of harm to their person while on the job is far too imminent. In fact, Bureau of Labor Statistics data from 2013 shows that hotel and motel workers had a nonfatal injury and illness rate of 5.4 (the rate for all industries was 3.5). Further, sexual assault against hotel workers has become something of an epidemic across the industry, despite often not receiving the media attention it deserves. In fact, a 2016 report in Illinois that found 58% of hotel workers surveyed said they had been sexually harassed by a guest. Also, nearly half of all hotel housekeepers surveyed said guests had at one time exposed themselves or answered their door naked.'s ConvergeBlog
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sexual harassment
Prevention Of Sexual Harassment In The Hospitality Industry: Whose Cross Is It To Bear?

April 10, 2019 via People Matters
Given the nature of the contractual relationship of a hotel owner (Owner) and a hotel operator (Operator), a common point of contention on hotel management contract negotiations is the responsibility for compliance with laws.
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Pay History Bans Continue Popping Up at the State and Local Level

April 8, 2019 via Bloomberg Law

Since 2016, 13 states and Puerto Rico have passed legislation to regulate in some form the use of salary history in hiring practices, and another 13 cities or counties have followed suit.
Cozen O'Connor
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Joint Employer: What Proposed Rule Means For Franchises
April 5, 2019 via Hotel News Now

The U.S. Department of Labor has proposed a new rule that would clarify joint employer status under a stricter standard, a welcome change for hoteliers on both sides of the franchise model. - The First and Only Workplace Misconduct, Theft, and Fraud Reporting Platform for the Hospitality Industry
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