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January 2020's Converge Newsletter
Recent Trends in Hotel Violence, Insurance, and Legal Liabilities
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January 18, 2019 via ConvergeBlog
“A hotel has a duty to adopt reasonable security measures to protect guests from foreseeable harm. Foreseeability can be established from past circumstances that are likely to be repeated.”

Judge Karen Morris, “Hotel security requires vigilant attention,” Hotel Management, 19 August 2019.
In this brief, Jeff M. Moore, PhD, will discuss recent trends in hotel violence from terrorism, physical and sexual assaults, and human trafficking, and the corresponding legal and financial and/or insurance impacts.

There were two spectacular terrorist attacks against hotels in the first half of 2019. One happened in Kenya, and the other in Sri Lanka. Both incorporated terrible casualties, plausible negligence, sizable insurance claims, and high financial damages.

The dusitD2 Nairobi Attack
On 15 January 2019, a squad of five gunmen from the al Shabaab terror group raided the 5-star dusitD2 hotel and associated business complex in Nairobi, Kenya. The attack killed 21 and wounded 28. The hotel stayed closed for 197 days and reopened after considerable reconstruction, remodeling, and rebranding.

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January 21, 2019 via ConvergeBlog
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Safety and Security Now Are Top Priorities for Meeting Planners
January 2, 2019 via Hospitality Trends

Ensuring a safe environment takes precedence over a dozen other metrics that go into meeting planners’ decision-making process, such as ease of arrival by delegates, value, convention space near the meeting, number of hotel rooms and other comparatively routine considerations.

Given the number of mass shootings and other violent acts that have beleaguered the United States, professional planners have begun demanding assurances from venues that their delegates will be safe from harm at all times.
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