We are over 18 months into battling the COVID-19 pandemic and health experts agree that vaccinations are our best weapon.We are over 18 months into battling the COVID-19 pandemic and health experts agree that vaccinations are our best weapon.
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October 2021's Converge Newsletter
How Hotels and Restaurants Can Balance Customer Relations and Vaccine Mandates
retail sign that reads "no shoes, no shirt, no shot, no entry, get vaccinated"
October 6, 2021 via 4Hoteliers
We are over 18 months into battling the COVID-19 pandemic and health experts agree that vaccinations are our best weapon.

This has led cities around the world, including several here in the United States, to implement vaccine mandates in certain public places. The goal of these mandates is two-fold: to reduce the spread of the virus and to encourage people to get the vaccine.

In cities rolling out the mandates, it is becoming increasingly difficult for unvaccinated people to enjoy a pre-pandemic lifestyle as they cannot visit their favorite restaurants, go to the gym, attend large events, and so on. To date, New Orleans, New York, San Francisco, and Oahu are the only major U.S. cities to have rolled out these mandates, but the cities of Los Angeles and West Hollywood are soon joining them and no doubt others will also follow suit.

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Female worker in laundry service,get washed sheets out of washing machine
How COVID-19 Has Changed Laundry Operations

October 19, 2021 via Hotel Management

The pandemic keeps impacting hotel operations in many ways but staffing may be the hardest hit right now. While that issue impacts all of a hotel's operations, it is definitely impacting the laundry operations on properties large and small.
service bell in foreground, wheelchair in background
Hotels Fall Short of Providing Accessible Access Around World

October 13, 2021 via Skift

Accessibility solution provider Mobility Mojo surveyed 1,000 hotels around the world to get a sense of how easy it was for a guest to book an accessible hotel room. Fifty-three percent of the hotels did not offer accessible room bookings while 22 percent of staffers reached over the phone couldn’t provide accessibility information about the hotel they worked at.
category 5 hurricane as seen from space
Hurricanes and Hospitality: How Major Storms Impact Performance

September 22, 2021 via Lodging Magazine

While the immediate impacts are significant within a 50-mile radius of landfall, major hurricanes can affect the hospitality industry as many as hundreds of miles inland. And the impact on hotel performance is not always negative depending on the market.
Red cross marks tape paste on back of white leather chairs in empty seminar hall (meeting room)
Preparing for Safe, Efficient, and Productive Meetings and Events in a Vaccinated World
September 21, 2021 via Hospitality Net

Now that vaccines are becoming more readily available in the U.S., hotels have geared up to meet the pent-up demand for face-to-face meetings and the overwhelming desire for social interaction while continuing to ensure the health and safety of attendees.

In doing so, hotel and meeting venues should confirm that prior COVID protocols remain in place and effectively communicate their efforts. Reverting to the "old ways" isn't an option. Venues must listen to the needs and concerns of planners and their attendees, who are hyper-sensitive to cleanliness. From technology, air quality, and sanitation to food and beverage handling, the hospitality industry needs to embrace best practices and implement high standards for events and meetings.
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