Hoteliers need to better prepare their U.S. properties against the threat of gun violence, according to industry security consultants.
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Via CoStar image: two hotel security guards communicating through walkie talkies Security Experts Say Hoteliers Need Better Preparation for Active Shooter Situations

Hoteliers need to better prepare their U.S. properties against the threat of gun violence, according to industry security consultants.

It’s not a topic people are excited to talk about, said Sal Caccavale, principal at Global Hospitality Security Solutions.

“It’s an unfortunate set of circumstances, but we have to look the devil in the eyes, so to speak, and be prepared,” he said.

Duty of Care

The hotel industry has a reasonable duty of care to protect their employees and their guests, Caccavale said. That includes creating crisis plans and active attack plans, and then educating and training employees on them. They need to know how to respond to any kind of gun violence, including mass shootings, and know how to defend themselves and take care of the guests and visitors in their hotels.

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prescription opioid drug, Fentanyl With Warning Labels.

Fentanyl in Hotels: What You Need to Know to Keep Guests and Staff Safe

June 9, 2023 via eHotelier

Fentanyl overdose often results in death, and unfortunately, these overdoses frequently occur in hotels. Thus, it is essential to train hotel staff about this deadly drug. Life-threatening effects can occur within two minutes of use, so it crucial to identify the symptoms as quickly as possible.

man and woman business people holding a life net to catch falling arrows and bounce them updward

Lessons from a Restaurant Mobile App Data Breach

May 25, 2023 via QSR Magazine

Despite the value of quick-service restaurant mobile apps, many lack adequate security and privacy measures needed to safeguard user data. As more brands build and update mobile apps to support their customers, business leaders must recognize the risk of mobile app security and privacy violations.

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Know What Your Workers’ Comp Responsibilities Are

May 2, 2023 via Hotel Management

When does the right to unemployment benefits arise? This was the question raised in a case where a restaurant was transporting workers from Mexico to Louisiana.

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An Insurance Expert Weighs in on How to Safely Open a Drive-Thru Lane

May 2, 2023 via Nation's Restaurant News

But before you open a drive-thru restaurant or tack one on to an existing store, one of the first things you should do is check in with your insurance agent to make sure all of your bases are covered.

Via Mordern Restaurant Management image: gold coins, invoice, payyment request, cell phone with notifications, and credit cards in front of a laptop Protect Your Restaurants from Invoice Fraud Through Technology

Hoteliers understand that they work in an environment fraught with legal implications, multiplied by myriad municipal, state, and federal statutes and regulations. Large hotel companies employ risk management professionals focused on safeguarding people and assets. They know that, while enterprises are not insurers of the safety of guests, hospitality operators have a legal duty to exercise reasonable care to provide hazard‑free premises for guests and staff. Nevertheless, hotels large and small become defendants in lawsuits every day.

Although small‑property managers tend to rely on guidelines set forth by franchisors and third-party management firms, responsibility for day-to-day implementation of prudent safety procedures rests with onsite management. Given the relentless challenge of meeting profit goals and guest expectations, safety sometimes gets overlooked. If something bad results, everyone involved—management, franchisor, owner—may be sued for liability.


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