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2020's Converge Newsletter
Top 5 Articles of 2019
With the start of a new year and decade, we wanted to take a look back at the most popular articles that were featured in this newsletter series throughout 2019.
glass of whiskey and scales of justice
By The Book: Four Major Laws Shaking Up The Drinks World

December 11, 2019 via Spirited

Following the law is the law. But in the alcohol beverage industry, keeping up with the lightning-fast rate at which new rules are created and old ones evolve can be as challenging as trying to predict what millennials will want to drink next.
bills and coins
DOL Issues New Overtime Pay Rules

September 24, 2019 via 4Hoteliers
As expected, the agency raised the exemption threshold to $35,568.
closeup definition of discrimination
Baltimore Crab Restaurant Changes Dress Code After Being Accused of Blatant Discrimination

September 18, 2019 via Vice
"Strictly Prohibited," The Choptank wrote in the kind of red stylized font you'd expect to see on the door of a 12-year-old's treehouse. It then listed a dozen rules and punctuated them with a disclaimer that a number of people interpreted as being discriminatory at best, flat-out racist at worst.
online shopping concept
Court Ruling Further Clarifies ADA Website Accessibility Obligations

February 21, 2019 via Conn Maciel Carey
Now, for the first time, a U.S. Court of Appeals has ruled on this issue and has confirmed that so long as there is a "nexus" between a company’s website and a physical location (which is typically the case), a company must make its website accessible or risk significant legal exposure for violating the Americans with Disabilities Act ("ADA").
fast-food restaurant worker preparing food
Fast-Food Workers Are Always in the Line of Fire

April 25, 2019 via Eater
...New York City’s just cause legislation stresses the importance of keeping some of the labor market’s most vulnerable workers employed. While more job protection certainly benefits workers, supporters of just cause legislation say it could also help the fast-food industry save money by stabilizing its workforce.
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