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June 2019's Converge Newsletter
Avoiding a Foodborne Fiasco
broccoli surrounded by pieces of papers reading: bacteria, salmonella, listeria, e coli, food poisoning
June 25, 2019 via ConvergeBlog

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 48 million people or 1 in 6 Americans experience a foodborne illness every year as a result of consuming contaminated food or drink and roughly 128,000 people in the US are hospitalized due to foodborne illness. There are many different pathogens or disease causing microbes that can cause illness. Currently, there are 250 known pathogens that are responsible for 20% of the reported foodborne cases and the root cause of the remaining 80% of all cases are many unknown pathogens. Additionally, chemical contaminates such as pesticides can cause foodborne illness.

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people holding up different shoes
If The Shoe Fits: How Footwear Policy May Lead To Wage And Hour Violations

June 15, 2019 via ConvergeBlog
Hotel and restaurant employers commonly require employees to wear uniforms, some as simple as a shirt with company logo, others requiring a more complete look: jacket or blouse and pants or skirt, or dress. Some employers, however, fail to consider the consequences of imposing the cost of the uniform on an employee.
Fisher Phillips
alcohol beverage and scale
Best Practices in Alcohol Beverage Trade Practices

June 11, 2019 via ConvergeBlog

Armed with an increased budget due to a 2017 congressional appropriation, the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (the "TTB") intensified its trade practice enforcement efforts, resulting in several permit suspensions and high fines for industry members (the latest was $1.5 million). This [article] provides some practical advice on how to limit trade-practice enforcement exposure for hospitality clients.
Gray Robinson
series of colorful beverages
People Are Sick Of Drinking. Investors Are Betting On The 'Sober Curious'
June 10, 2019 via CNN

People are paying greater attention to their mental health and wellness, and many Americans are specifically looking to reduce their alcohol intake. People of all ages are drinking less beer, while millennials are drinking less overall. And Silicon Valley is taking note, with tech companies reevaluating their alcohol policies and investors looking to capitalize on people who prefer not to drink.

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