Potentially toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS — per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances — are pervasive in restaurant to-go packaging, according to tests by Consumer Reports published Thursday.
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Via Nation's Restaurant News | image: Take away food in brown paper craft plate with plastic cutlery | Dangerous Levels of 'Forever Chemicals' Found in Restaurant To-Go Packaging

Potentially toxic "forever chemicals" known as PFAS — per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances — are pervasive in restaurant to-go packaging, according to tests by Consumer Reports published Thursday.

After testing more than 100 packaging products from 24 large national restaurant chains and grocery stores, Consumer Reports found that nearly half had at least one packaging product with high PFAS levels of more than 100 parts per million, or ppm.

Among the restaurant companies with packaging products with the highest levels were Arby’s and Burger King’s paper bag for cookies, for example, Cava’s fiber tray used for kids meals, Chick-fil-A’s sandwich wrapper, McDonald’s’ paper bag for fries, Nathan’s paper bag for sides, Sweetgreen’s bag for focaccia, and Taco Bell’s bag for crisps.'s ConvergeBlog
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Lawsuit Accuses Google of Deceptive Online Ordering Practices for Restaurants

March 10, 2022 via Food & Wine
...a new lawsuit alleges the search giant wasn't always just pointing users in the right direction, but would sometimes send customers to a landing page Google set up without the restaurant's permission and take a cut of ordering fees.
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At a Growing Number of NYC Restaurants and Bars, Hospitality Includes Overdose Prevention Kits

March 8, 2022 via Eater

Previously, these harm reduction tools were more common at bars or nightclubs, but anti-overdose kits, which activists have long advocated, are increasingly popping up outside of nightlife spaces in cafes, restaurants, and even juice bars.
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Employees Handling Hot Oil is a Liability. Here’s How to Address That

March 3, 2022 via FSR Magazine

When employees are handling hot oil, a restaurant is taking on a risk. The same is true of letting grease build up within the restaurant’s hood system—the more grease that accumulates, the more risk is being posed to employees, the restaurant’s customers, and the building itself.
Via Hospitality Net | image: series of cocktails | 4 Keys to Managing Responsible Alcohol Consumption in Restaurants and Bars
On one hand the critical goal of the operation is to promote alcohol sales so the business can be as profitable as possible. Operators also want to promote a good time so guests will feel happy being there and continue to consume alcohol and spend money.

On the other hand, owners need to be extremely vigilant so as to not allow alcohol consumption to cross the threshold of guests being too intoxicated which could result in the operation being highly exposed to dangerous liability. Owners can potentially lose their liquor license, their business and face significant financial loss if an intoxicated guest endangers themselves, another guest or staff member or someone out in public if they get into an accident while driving away from the restaurant. In addition, owners can risk fines, penalties or jail time involving criminal and/or civil liability.
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