Preparation is critical if companies and individuals are to have better outcomes in the face of heightened risks.
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Via Global Guardian | image: High quality 3D rendered image of north and south america with red lines cross crossing to indicate danger | How to Navigate an Increasingly Complex Global Threat Environment

Preparation is critical if companies and individuals are to have better outcomes in the face of heightened risks.

The global threat environment has turned increasingly complex. The past year alone has been dominated by a pandemic, a major war, a rise in violent crime, destructive natural disasters, rampant cybercrime, and the possibility of a recession that could further accelerate the current pace of layoffs. Preparation is critical for companies and individuals to have better outcomes in the face of such challenges.

"All of us—security professionals, HR directors—should be thinking in terms of worst case and understand what that means; understand what the second, third, fourth-order effects are; and prepare for it and not be surprised," said Global Guardian President and CEO Dale Buckner during a webinar on December 14. "As we look toward 2023, we don’t think it gets less complicated," he added.

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Miniature airplane next to a passport, two flight tickets, and a facemask
International Travel Risk Management in the Pandemic Age

December 22, 2022 via Security Info Watch

While COVID continues to disrupt international travel, though not on the scale we experienced in 2020, the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) predicts that global travel will reach a state of normalcy by 2024.
Risks ahead road sign in front of cloudy sky background
Climate Change and Political Unrest Among the Top Risks in 2023

December 7, 2022 via Business Travel News Europe
The impact of climate change, the ongoing energy crisis and increased political "polarisation" across the world are among the top risks that businesses face in 2023, according to security specialist Healix International.
Smiling woman using mobile phone at the airport
The Evolution of Corporate Travel Risk Management Plans

December 2, 2022 via International SOS

The concept of compound crises has historically been reserved for security-related incidents. Over the past 12 months, we have seen a drastic shift. We now see both health and security risks simultaneously impacting organisations and their travellers.
International SOS
Via International SOS | image: Businessman/Politician figurines examine a concrete globe | The Majority of Organisations are Impacted by Crises in an Increasingly Complex Landscape
The BCI is proud to launch its new Resilience in Conflict Report, sponsored by International SOS. This report looks at how conflicts in regions around the world are affecting organisations, how organisations manage resilience during periods of conflict, as well as the role of technology in this process.

Most organisations are impacted by conflict
Unfortunately, it has become important to consider the volume of armed conflicts and disputes currently taking place around the world and the range of impacts they can have on organisations, from those who have operations in affected areas to those who have suppliers or customers in those areas, and what responses can be prepared to mitigate these impacts.
International SOS
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