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August 2019's Converge Newsletter
Hotel Security Requires Vigilant Attention
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August 19, 2019 via Hotel Management
Guests trust their safety and well-being to hotels. Inns must be up to the task. Falling short leads nowhere good.

A plaintiff’s 18-year-old son was stabbed to death by a party-goer in a room at a New York Howard Johnson hotel. The killer pled guilty to manslaughter in the first degree. The plaintiff sued the hotel for negligence. The facility denied liability and sought dismissal of the case. The court not only refused to dismiss the case but, in a rare move, ruled without a trial that the hotel was liable for the death.

The case is both unfortunate and a reminder of what not to do. The plaintiff presented documentary evidence establishing at the hotel an "extensive history of criminal activity," including a gunpoint robbery, assault with a weapon, attempted burglary by a masked intruder, large rowdy parties in hotel rooms, numerous thefts, prostitution and drug sales. These incidents should sound alarms to any responsible hotel manager that stricter policies and beefed-up enforcement are indicated big time.'s ConvergeBlog
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This Is Not A Drill: Managing Risk For Acts Of Violence On Your Property

August 28, 2019 via REjournals

As active shooter and other workplace violent events continue to occur, more victims and their families are looking to the facility owner/operator where the shooting took place to assume responsibility. They claim the owner/operator could have been more proactive in prevention, and therefore, is liable for the violence that took place on their property.
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Why It’s Critical to Integrate Legionella into Crisis Management Programs

August 19, 2019 via Hotel News Resource
Legionella can make people ill and has been linked to dozens of deaths. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Legionella bacteria, normally found in fresh water such as lakes and streams, can infiltrate water systems and colonize in showerheads, sinks, water heaters, cooling towers and even fountains if they are not treated properly.
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The Retail & Hospitality CISO's Guide to Preparing for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
August 7, 2019 via Alvarez & Marsal

The world has woken up to the significance of data privacy on a global scale. Advancements in digital technologies make it possible for global retail and hospitality companies to tap into new synergies that deepen customer relationships and enrich product and service offerings. This evolution has given rise to a new sense of urgency regarding how companies view data privacy and security.
Alvarez & Marsal
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