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LGBT Travel: Pride & Prejudice
businessman pulls out card designed with lgbt pride flag
May 29, 2018 via Buying Business Travel

One of the challenges of dealing with these issues is that laws (and whether they are actually enforced, or not, in certain countries) can change in some destinations – often for the better but sometimes for the worse. This means that buyers and HR departments have to work closely together to ensure advice is kept up to date. Social attitudes can often be slower to change in a country, regardless of the legal landscape, which travellers need to be aware of, as well.

There can also be regional differences within some countries between a major city and a more socially conservative rural area where what is socially acceptable varies enormously. For example, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) issued warnings in 2016 for LGBT travellers to be careful in two US states – North Carolina and Mississippi – due to the passing of legislation in those states. The FCO has a dedicated section for LGBT travellers giving general advice about what precautions to take when on the road in less LGBT-tolerant destinations, alongside specific country advice.'s ConvergeBlog
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... travellers clearly acknowledge that the risks they face are rising and this is beginning to impact on their travel. But there is not yet a unified call to change the way in which businesses communicate and monitor their employees’ movements as an additional layer of protection.
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