Business travel has changed the world in the last decades. With the ease of traveling and faster transportation modes, traveling for pleasure or for business has never been easier.
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March 2021's Converge Newsletter
Why Business Travel Insurance Matters
Business Travel Insurance concept: Insurance agent or businessman with protective gesture and icon of plane and globe
March 23, 2021 via London Post

Business travel has changed the world in the last decades. With the ease of traveling and faster transportation modes, traveling for pleasure or for business has never been easier. Still, many will face different obstacles, and the complexity of today’s world plays a significant role in the paths of many business travelers.

Any responsible company and employer will want their workers to feel safe and to protect their workers from harm. At that point, business travel insurance comes in. This type of insurance will protect the worker in many different situations, covering all from injury, illness, theft, lost baggage, and other things. With this type of insurance, it is genuinely to be better safe than sorry. In this article, we will go through some of the main reasons this type of insurance matters.'s ConvergeBlog
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businessman wearing a face mask while he checks into hotel
New World of Business Travel for Hotels: Stay Safe

March 20, 2021 via Business Traveller

Where hotels have been able to stay open, they have had to adapt quickly to new regulations, redesigning spaces and enhancing cleaning to keep guests and staff safe, all the while trying to maintain some kind of revenue stream through initiatives such as "work from hotel" packages.
young woman wearing a face mask and gloves while aboard an airplane
Covid-19 Flight From Hell: My Run-In With An Infected Passenger

March 15, 2021 via Forbes

What’s more important: being safe or feeling safe?... When it comes to flying, fear proves to be a more powerful motivator than facts. For many, feeling safe is more important than being safe.
Businessman with face mask working at the train station
Travelling For Business During Covid? Here’s How To Stay Safe

March 11, 2021 via Business Matters

Here’s how to stay safe if you really must travel for business during the pandemic. Get familiar with Covid-19 restrictions. This doesn’t just mean restrictions in your own country, but those you are travelling to.
Face mask that says "new normal" next to miniature airplane
Complex New Travel Risks Spur New Approaches for 2021
February 22, 2021 via Business Travel News

"In the past, we had weather delays, natural disasters and terrorism," said Cardinal Health global security travel manager Jill Huffman. "We still have all that, but now you have to layer the pandemic on top. It introduces a lot of details. We have to work with much more complexity."

That complexity—and the risks that accompany it—will be the core story for travel management throughout 2021. And as more travelers, business and leisure, hit the road this year, risk for all will rise with it. Yes, risk of Covid-19 transmission. But other risks, as well, have emerged as a consequence of Covid-19 restrictions and lockdowns, and travel managers will have to reckon with them.
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