Employers across a wide variety of industries are looking to ramp up their hiring efforts as the holiday season begins.
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Via 4Hoteliers image of a A barista in a Santa hat holding out a holiday hot drink that is covering her face The Holidays Are Here: 10 Practical Tips for Hiring Seasonal Workers

Employers across a wide variety of industries are looking to ramp up their hiring efforts as the holiday season begins.

Indeed, many businesses will rely on temporary workers to meet the uptick in demand that holiday shopping brings – which makes it critical for you to understand and avoid the legal pitfalls associated with seasonal employment.

Here are 10 practical tips to help you stay compliant as you prepare for the holiday rush.

1. Understand the Definition of "Seasonal Employee"
First, you should determine whether your temporary employees are truly "seasonal." According to the IRS, an employee is considered seasonal if the employment period is expected to last for six or fewer months and the need for the role usually starts and ends at about the same time each year – such as November to January for the holidays.

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