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March 2019's Converge Newsletter
Joining Forces Against Travel Risk
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March 3, 2019 via Strategic Risk

Forty percent of the estimated 500,000 passengers in the air at any given time are travelling for business. There are more people overseas on business than ever before and many more companies are mobilising large groups of workers – sometimes from multiple countries – into overseas worksites and new locations of which they may have limited knowledge of local risks (crime trends, for instance).

This means that there are, potentially, higher numbers of business travellers in harm’s way who, naturally, expect their company to provide more than the basic security support plan.

In the age of international assignments, workforce mobility has shifted from an administrative HR issue into a top risk for multinational businesses. Companies are under greater pressure to provide a duty of care and travel risk management strategy that keeps their staff safe, wherever they are in the world, with a recognition that each trip comes with its own, unique risks. This extends to support in the event of an emergency.'s ConvergeBlog
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TripAdvisor sticker on building window
Hotels At Centre Of Rape Allegations Promoted On TripAdvisor

March 5, 2019 via The Guardian
TripAdvisor ranks hotels based on the star rating given by users, but individual reviews are presented chronologically on listing page for the hotel. A review which detailed allegations of sexual assault could easily be overtaken by more recent reviews and be harder to find.
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Travel Safety Expert Shares Her Best Safety Tips for Women Travelers

March 5, 2019 via Travel Pulse

Women are traveling more than ever, and while they are not at fault for the sexual assault, harassment or crime done against them because of their gender, unfortunately, "The truth is that women face greater obstacles," as the U.S. Department of State perfectly puts it.
International SOS
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Companies Fail To Carry Out Meetings Risk Assessments
February 25, 2019 via Buying Business Travel

A survey conducted by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) in partnership with WorldAware found that a quarter of organisations never or rarely conduct a formal risk assessment of specific venues.

Furthermore, 24 per cent never or rarely assess the risk of meeting locations, such as a particular city or neighbourhood.
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