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Air Marshals Have Conducted Secret In-Flight Monitoring Of U.S. Passengers For Years
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July 29, 2018 via Washington Post

Federal air marshals have for years been quietly monitoring small numbers of U.S. air passengers and reporting on in-flight behavior considered suspicious, even if those individuals have no known terrorism links, the Transportation Security Administration said on Sunday.

Under a sensitive, previously undisclosed program called "Quiet Skies," the TSA has since 2010 tasked marshals to identify passengers who raise flags because of travel histories or other factors and conduct secret observations of their actions — including behavior as common as sweating heavily or using the restroom repeatedly — as they fly between U.S. destinations.

The Boston Globe first revealed the existence of the Quiet Skies program on Sunday. In response to questions, TSA spokesman James O. Gregory offered more details of the program’s origins and goals, comparing it to other law enforcement activities that ask officers to closely monitor individuals or areas vulnerable to crime.

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July 20, 2018 via Travel & Transport

You may have seen articles at, TravelPulse and elsewhere this week warning travelers of the dangers of connecting to public Wi-Fi at airports. These posts cite data from cybersecurity firm Coronet that ranks the airports where you're mostly likely to be hacked when connecting to Wi-Fi. That list includes...'s ConvergeBlog
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Research Reveals Cost Of Failure To Carry Out Hotel Security Checks
July 17, 2018 via Buying Business Travel

A new study has found that many corporate travel programmes are unprepared to address the safety challenges associated with their hotel policy, with just 19 per cent of organisations implementing safety and security checks for accommodation in 2017, according to Ipsos MORI.
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