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December 2018's Converge Newsletter
Avoiding Workplace Violence: Tips & Best Practices For Hospitality Employers
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December 15, 2018 via ConvergeBlog

It has been about a year since the #MeToo movement went viral, spreading greater awareness about sexual misconduct and harassment, and, more generally, the role of women, in the workplace.  So, where are we now, and has anything changed?  Was it just an awareness movement?  Or, have things actually started to shift in the legal landscape with respect to the way employers are required to handle sexual misconduct and harassment?  And what about with the way women are represented at work?  Even if #MeToo may have started out as an awareness movement, states like New York and California are implementing changes in the law that are now imposing, or will soon impose, new requirements on employers, in hopes of giving #MeToo a significant, lasting effect.  So, what should employers in New York and California do now?  And, given that these states are often at the forefront of labor and employment issues, how should employers outside New York and California prepare in case new laws are passed in their states?

Fisher Phillips
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The Labor Issues That Define The Hotel Business

November 26, 2018 via Hotel News Now
It’s no secret hoteliers worry about finding and keeping employees. This roundup compiles the biggest labor stories executives are talking about.
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Tips, Service Charges, & Automatic Gratuities Continue To Cause Problems For Employers

November 22, 2018 via ConvergeBlog

Hospitality employers nationwide continue to be hit with class action lawsuits alleging failure to properly pay/distribute tips, as well as failure to correctly characterize service charges and automatic gratuities. These lawsuits have the potential to result in verdicts or settlement amounts more costly than virtually any other employment-related matter.
Conn Maciel Carey's ConvergeBlog
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Hotel Group Pays $125K to Settle Claims It Failed to Accommodate Worker With Asthma
December 6, 2018 via HR Dive

Employers can be liable for failing to provide an accommodation if they knew or should have known that an employee needed something, so managers should be trained to listen for things that might not be an obvious request. Employees don't need to use any special words and, in fact, don't even need to make a specific request to be eligible for the law's coverage. - The First and Only Workplace Misconduct, Theft, and Fraud Reporting Platform for the Hospitality Industry
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