Crime does not occur randomly or uniformly in time or space, or society. Crimes do not happen randomly or uniformly across all hotels the same way.
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February 2021's Converge Newsletter
Understanding Crime Patterns and Hotspots in the Context of Hotel Security Design
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February 19, 2021 via eHotelier
Crime does not occur randomly or uniformly in time or space, or society. Crimes do not happen randomly or uniformly across all hotels the same way. Arguing for uniformity was once popular, but now seems indefensible. However, we do know about hotspots and coldspots; there are high repeat offenders and high repeat victims. In fact, the two groups are frequently linked. While the numbers will continue to be debated depending on the definition and the population being tested, David Farrington once said, "a very small proportion of people actually commit most of the known crimes."

The argument for the complete randomness of targets and victims is no longer plausible. For example, bar fights occur with greater frequency on weekend nights rather than on weekday afternoons, shoplifting occurs during a restricted set of hours in the day and more in some stores than others, theft in occupied hotel rooms generally happens during the daytime, and break-ins into vehicles in the garage can happen almost around the clock.'s ConvergeBlog
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Cyber Incident Response Plans – Turning Words into Action

February 23, 2021 via 4Hoteliers

Recent years have seen companies large and small continue to grapple with the much-feared cyber incident, yet surprisingly few have meaningful and up-to-date incident response plans (IRPs) in place to manage and mitigate this threat.
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Three Things Hoteliers Should Know About Unjustified Chargebacks

February 18, 2021 via Lodging Magazine
Since chip-and-PIN technology became mandatory in the United States, the standards for contesting credit card chargebacks have changed. Chip technology has become essential to provide proof of purchase, making merchants responsible for any reported fraud, even if the report is unjustified.
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The Risk of Toxic Exposures for Hospitality

February 10, 2021 via Hotel Business

Almost all cleaning products have some level of toxicity, and they are subject to testing to determine safe levels—but, they have never been tested for the volume and frequency of use they’ve seen since the start of the pandemic. Increased toxic exposures could lead to lawsuits against major consumer brands.
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Best Practices for Obtaining Insurance, Managing Risk
February 3, 2021 via CoStar

Obtaining insurance coverage in the hospitality sector has recently been a challenge, but there are some best practices that hoteliers can follow to get what they need to mitigate risk, sources said.

Speaking on a Hotel Optimization panel titled "Insurance, Lawsuits and Risk Management," Mike Marshall, president and CEO of Marshall Hotels & Resorts, said "finding an insurer to write hospitality right now is very difficult."

Marshall Hotels & Resorts went through a renewal process in November, he said, going through 25 insurance carriers. Only two or three of them were willing to give quotes. Ultimately, his company was able to secure an insurance program that wasn’t "through the roof on cost."
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