In its third such incident in four years, Marriott International was on the defensive this week in confirming a data breach involving a property near Baltimore-Washington International Airport.
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Via Business Travel News | image: Red opened padlock lock on digital screen | Marriott Data Breached Again in Single-Hotel Incident

In its third such incident in four years, Marriott International was on the defensive this week in confirming a data breach involving a property near Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

The breach occurred last month and the hotel company claimed the issue was contained within six hours. It said an investigation was underway before a hacker group contacted the hotel to attempt to negotiate a ransom.

The breach first was reported by, with which a group claiming to be the threat actors communicated about their infiltration of Marriott’s systems. The group told DataBreaches it had tricked a single employee into giving the hackers their credentials. Through that individual’s computer, the group was able to exfiltrate 20GB of data.

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Research by consumer group Which? reveals that four in 10 travel insurance policies do not cover travellers for strikes by airport or airline staff. The company assessed 199 policies offered by 71 providers as part of its annual review of travel insurance.
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The World Health Organization (WHO) has described the outbreak as "unusual" as most of the confirmed cases have no travel history in central or west Africa, where monkeypox is typically endemic.
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