We all know that the legal drinking age in the United States is twenty-one and over. But what about the legal serving age?
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Via HL Blog | image: cocktails balanced on a tray by a waiter | National Overview of Server Ages and Function

We all know that the legal drinking age in the United States is twenty-one and over. But what about the legal serving age? In today’s environment where COVID and even post-COVID labor shortages are a problem, a factor on-premises retailers and their managers need to consider is the age and even the combination of ages coming to work in a given shift.

Imagine a restaurant with a liquor license which serves beer, wine, and spirits to guests at tables and at a bar or counter area. The menu may include glasses of wine or beer, mixed cocktails, and large format containers like pitchers of beer. Guests may also be able to order bottles which are opened at the table. Offering these beverages involves various tasks on the part of the restaurant staff. Those tasks include:
  • Opening and pouring;
  • Mixing in the back of the house (either pre-made batch mixes or a fresh cocktail to be served after being made);
  • Bartending in front of the guest at the bar or counter area;
  • Serving a drink at a table after taking from the "mixer" or bartender;
  • Clearing a table and taking away empty alcohol glasses/containers

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As an alcohol-serving establishment, your business can be especially vulnerable to legal challenges. It is crucial that your bartenders and staff know what signs to look for in an intoxicated person and when to stop serving patrons.
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Via Total Food Service | image: Chef cutting fresh and delicious vegetables for cooking | How Restaurant Operators Can Plan a Food Safety Audit of Potential Suppliers
In the restaurant business, raw materials are of great importance. They are inextricably linked to the quality and safety of the food served, and hence to the customer’s well-being. Therefore, it is necessary to audit potential food suppliers before approving them.

A food safety audit is performed to ensure that the food supplier adheres to safe food handling practices and has established the necessary process controls to ensure the safety and quality of raw materials. The manner in which the food safety audit is conducted is largely influenced by the restaurant’s requirements and the management system that the potential food supplier has implemented, i.e. Food Safety Management System (FSMS) or Quality Management System (QMS).
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