Unlike building security, cybersecurity is an area where criminals are continually finding new technological means to their ends.
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Via Lodging image: digital lock on top of circuitry Safeguarding Data: Concord Hospitality CIO on Preventing Cybercrime

Unlike building security, cybersecurity is an area where criminals are continually finding new technological means to their ends. Thus, hotel operators must stay up to date on best practices to fend off data theft.

“Cyber threats are continuously evolving,” said Brian Cornell, chief information officer at Concord Hospitality, which manages nearly 150 hotels. “It’s become an industry of its own. For example, criminals can purchase tools on the dark web to craft or use code that others have developed to target organizations.” Among the relatively new types of attacks Cornell cited are (1) multi-factor authentication (MFA) exhaustion, where a user is bombarded with multiple sign-on requests until they agree and authenticate the attacker and allow access to the user’s device; (2) the use of QR codes to entice victims to go to malicious or data-gathering websites; and (3) the online travel agent and the “guest needing direction assistance” scams, which both include malicious links or malware-infected files to download. “This email or communication is frequently delivered to an unsuspecting front desk agent,” he noted.

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Group of people with arms raised in protest

Will Protest Groups at Events Up the Ante in 2024?

via MeetingsNet

As an Israel-focused conference opens in Denver, its organizers are facing protestors trying to cripple the event. Business-event planners should pay close attention because the protest groups in their industry may be watching, too.

Two business hands attaching two puzzle pieces together

The Importance of Due Diligence in M&A Transactions

via HL Blog

In any merger or acquisition, the due diligence stage is one of the most critical steps. It allows the acquiring company to identify dealbreakers, assess risks, make informed decisions, negotiate effectively, ensure compliance, plan for integration, and set the stage for a successful and value-enhancing merger or acquisition. 

Young woman applying for visa in US immigration

The EB-3 Visa: Why hotels need to plan now for summer 2025

via Hotel Management

One of the most reliable ways to ensure this is taken care of ahead of time is through the EB-3 visa, a path for skilled, professional, or other workers to enter the U.S. However, procuring these visas is no small feat, and planning needs to commence well in advance.

One bed bug walking on a blanket fiber

Staying Vigilant: Housekeeping’s Role in Creating a Bed Bug-Free Haven

via Lodging

By implementing comprehensive training and inspection techniques, housekeeping teams can successfully identify signs of bed bugs and prevent an occurrence from becoming an infestation, ensuring a pleasant experience for guests and safeguarding the reputation of the business.

Via Hotel Business image: Businesswoman and businessman at a meeting Telecom Compliance in Hotels: A Checklist for Successful Certificate of Occupancy Inspections

A certificate of occupancy (CO) is a vital requirement before opening your new-build/renovated hotel.  Without it, you’re subject to massive, compounding fines. Because of the necessity of this certification, you’ll want to work it into your construction plans from the very beginning to avoid any project delays.

Unfortunately, the inspection process involves multiple steps. It’s not necessarily quick or straightforward and is prone to oversights.

One area we often see overlooked within the process is telecommunications. Get familiar with specific telecom requirements and regulations in your local jurisdiction by consulting with telecommunications experts and local authorities. To help get you started, we’ve compiled a checklist of key telecom-specific items to consider that may be subject to inspection:


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