What happens when work turns into a war zone? It's a question Dale Buckner has been racing to answer for his clients in the wake of October 7's attacks on Israel, which sparked the Israel-Hamas war and a humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
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What happens when work turns into a war zone? 

It's a question Dale Buckner has been racing to answer for his clients in the wake of October 7's attacks on Israel, which sparked the Israel-Hamas war and a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. As CEO of Global Guardian, an international emergency-response and medical-services provider, Buckner and his team have been working with corporate clients to evacuate employees and families from Israel, and provide additional security for those who will remain in the region. 

The horrific conflict, Buckner says, should serve as a stark reminder to employers to revisit (or build) emergency planning for their workforce, particularly in a global economy that's embracing remote work. Emergencies and natural disasters that require employees to be evacuated or protected, whether domestic or abroad, can happen with little or no notice. Even proactive employers may find themselves left unprepared, Buckner warns. 

Global Guardian
Polaris Freedom happens now.

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