Often referred to as corporate travel insurance, business travel insurance can protect you from financial risks and losses during work trips.
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Via Market Watch image: Travel insurance and business travel concepts. Insurance agent or businessman with protective gesture and icon of plane and globe. Travel Insurance for Business Travelers (2023)

Understanding Business Travel Insurance

Often referred to as corporate travel insurance, business travel insurance can protect you from financial risks and losses during work trips. While personal and business insurance products still offer trip cancellation and medical coverage, there are a few key differences compared to standard travel insurance.

Business travel often includes unique risks due to frequency, trip costs and busy itineraries that require transportation. Frequent business travelers may benefit from multi-trip or annual insurance plans, along with generous coverage limits for trip delays, lost luggage and stolen business devices. These types of trip policies can help combat financial losses related to work travel.

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See What's New Industry Trends, Blog Updates, And More image: airplane flying directly overhead over skyscrapers
airplane taking off on the sunset

European Air Travel at Risk: Air Traffic Control Warns of Strikes Amidst Staffing Crisisning to Mexico After Fungal Meningitis Infections

A trade union representing air traffic controllers across the continent threatens strike action which could cause more than 12,000 flight delays or cancellations per day

Passport of USA (United States of America) on blue travel wallet, wooden background. Close up.

Need a New Passport? State Department Tells Travelers to Apply at Least 6 Months Before Departure

Amid continued unprecedented demand for international travel, the State Department is advising Americans to submit applications for passports at least six months before their scheduled departure dates.

Travel safety and travel insurance concept

Spotlight on: Travel risks and how to manage them

New security and health risks, plus a constant threat of travel disruption, mean many employees are reluctant to get back on the road. The duty of care is on risk managers to proactively plan for their safest possible travels.

Red passport, airplane boarding pass, flight ticket, sunglasses LGBTQ community flag color, rainbow glasses

Mitigating Travel Risk For LGBTQ+ Employees

\While there’s been plenty of progress globally in tackling LGBTQ+ discrimination and creating a more equal and welcoming world, there are still many regions where LGBTQ+ travelers face higher security risks. LGBTQ+ travelers are also more vulnerable to discrimination, and, in general, enjoy less rights and freedoms that non-LGBTQ+ individuals. 

Via Business Travel News Europe image: An Asian woman upset and frustrated while flight canceled at the airport Travellers Want Better Wellbeing and Safety Support

UK business travellers are being given “surprisingly low” levels of practical support to enhance their wellbeing and safety when on the road, according to a survey by security specialist World ­­Travel Protection.

While nearly two-thirds of travellers (65 per cent) are confident that their employer is concerned about their wellbeing and safety, this does not necessarily translate into offering tangible forms of support.


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